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The application of galvanized wire in constructing greenhouses

The application of galvanized wire in constructing greenhouses

Galvanized wire (zinc-coated wire) is one of the most important construction materials, which is of versatile use due to being strong, flexible, easy to bend, and so on. Owing to its features, Galvanized wire is used in various industries, including agriculture, construction, electricity, etc. This type of wire is the bright wire (untreated wire) which has undergone galvanized coating process to resist any type of weather condition. In what follows, our experts at Sim Tak Site will provide you with some more information about galvanized wire and its applications in building greenhouses.

What is galvanized wire?

Galvanized wire, which is utilized in every industry, is produced through the surface treatment of bright wire. Bright wire has to undergo a coating and chemical process to turn into galvanized wire. This process consists of three steps. In the first step, the temperature is adjusted at 860° F for all the materials. The second step involves immersing the combination of iron and steel in molten zinc to make a strong structure. Finally, the resulting compound passes through oxygen and carbon dioxide to produce the final product.

The applications of galvanized wire

Galvanized wire, due to its material and characteristics, is highly resistant to corrosion and other damages. Some of its uses are listed below:

–         Construction

–         Security of the windows

–         Use in farms

–         Use in agriculture

–         Reinforcing electricity cables

–         Attaching materials

–         Use in fences

–         Constructing greenhouses

–         Use in poultry cage or mesh

The application of galvanized wire in constructing greenhouses

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The application of galvanized wire in greenhouse construction

One of the most important applications of galvanized wire is in building greenhouses. Since a wide range of crops is grown in the greenhouses, galvanized wires can help allocating separate space to each. Moreover, some greenhouses, thanks to their fantastic environment, attract many enthusiastic visitors. Using galvanized wires in these greenhouses can protect the flowers and plants from being trampled underfoot by separating the visitors’ pathways. Additionally, the galvanized wire can be used in the following cases in constructing greenhouses:


  • Use in the mechanized and scientific gardening
  • Making shades and fences
  • Handing frames for grapevines
  • Hanging frames for vegetables
  • Building linear and circular barbed wire

What type of wire best fits greenhouse construction?

High humidity is a key factor in the climate of the greenhouses and planting crops and flowers, so the wire used in constructing these structures should be resistant to corrosion and rust. Due to the high corrosion resistance in galvanized wire, it could be a good option. Although there is Chinese galvanized wire in the market, the Iranian type exceeds it considering its quality and high resistance.

How much is greenhouse construction galvanized wire?

The price of galvanized wire in greenhouse construction depends on its features. Some of these features are as follows:

  1. Color
  2. Thickness
  3. Size and Length
  4. Material
  5. Preservatives and UV protection

The application of galvanized wire in constructing greenhouses

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Tips for purchasing wire for greenhouse construction

The first thing is to calculate the length of the wire required. To do so, measure the size of the place you want to use the wire in. The other thing is considering the purpose. In other words, you should consider what you intend to use the wire for. For instance, if you need to purchase wire for greenhouse construction, you’d better use coated wire to avoid damage. Last but not least, you should take quality into account. The higher the quality of the wire, the longer it will last.

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Final word

In this article, we have introduced different applications of galvanized wire in constructing greenhouses. If you intend to buy galvanized wire for greenhouse construction, we recommend that you get high-quality Iranian type from reliable stores. Owning several years of experience in wire provision for different industries, construction, and services, Sim TAk Site is ready to serve you. To experience an ideal purchase, you only need to register your order through our website, email, and telephone numbers.

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