The purchase of reinforcement wire

Steel that has not been galvanized can be used to make black annealed wire. This kind of wire has a black tint, which is why it is known as black wire, in contrast to the galvanized wire, which is shiny and bright. Black wire comes in a variety of types, each with a different price and set of characteristics.

Reinforcement wire is another variety of black wire. There are so many uses for it that the term “cooked product” may be used to describe the dark substance. You can call our number to purchase reinforcing items and receive guidance from our staff about what to buy. You can also ask our specialists for the most recent price inquiries due to market price volatility.

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Purchasing black wire

Simple coil rods of 5 sizes and a wire tensioning apparatus are used to create black wire. 5 to 8 mm. Using a stretching machine, these rebars are formed into wires that range in diameter from 2.1 to 6 mm. They are then put into an oven set to bake them in a vacuum at a temperature of 800 to 900 degrees Celsius. They then wait for it to cool.

In this technique, black wire retains its chemical composition. Note that throughout this process, the product’s mechanical qualities change, making the cooked black wire flexible and soft. This quality has led to widespread use of the black product in the building sector.

You can speak with our Sim Tak advisors to purchase black wire.

Wire is currently produced in a variety of diameters and sold on the market. Black wire that has been heated has uses for each size. As a result, you can select one of them based on your requirements. Baked black wire can be purchased both offline and online. However, you can black wire varieties

Various kinds of black wire include:

  1. Wires with a thickness of 1.2 to 1.7 mm: these wires are used for reinforcing and weigh around 22 kg in coils. The 1.5 wire is the most preferred.
  2. Molding is done with wire with a diameter of 2 to 2.5 mm, and a coil of this wire weighs around 25 kg. The most popular soft wire size is 2.5.
  3. 3 to 5 mm wires: utilized in a variety of various sectors, including construction and packaging. Its coil weighs somewhere between 60 and 100 kg. purchase all kinds of black wire at a decent cost.
reinforcing wire

Applications of black wire

Industries like the following employ black wire or reinforcement:

  • Building a statue
  • Consumption in industry
  • Securing the building’s
  • rebars to one another.
  • Packaging Sector
  • Building dams and bridges
  • Molding businesses

Upsides and Drawbacks

Like any other equipment, it has its own upsides and drawbacks. With regard to the benefits that using this equipment can bring to construction sights, reinforcement wire can be seen as an unavoidable staple of construction activities.

As the first advantage of using them, one can name the improvement it has caused in the quality of engineering and the cohesion with which the cementing operation is carried out. Furthermore, this procedure will be done faster, and with higher quality as a result of which there will be a greater crack resistance in cement.

Besides the technical aspects of construction works using reinforcement wire is more cost-effective and has clear economic benefits both in terms of saving the labor that should be done and the cement that should be applied.

On the other hand, however, there are some disadvantages that can be even taken for granted compared to the advantages reinforcement wire can bring. The most important possible disadvantage is the heavy weight of this equipment which may make transportation energy-consuming.

reinforcing wire mesh

The cost of reinforcing or black wire

Black wire’s cost is influenced by its thickness and type. As previously stated, black wire comes in various sizes. This product’s sizes each have different uses. We can include reinforcement wire, carpenter wire, or molding wire as some of the most popular uses for black wire.

People who operate with reinforced wire must be aware of the significant daily swings in the price of this material. The cost of black products often relies on a number of variables, including:

  • Type of wire
  • Analysis used in the manufacture of wire
  • Cooked black wire’s diameter
  • Armature wire measurement

It is impossible to set a fixed price for black wire because its cost is erratic. Our professionals try their utmost to constantly update and give you the cost of reinforcing wire. You can choose to purchase the necessary black wire by reviewing these rates.

Benefits of utilizing black wire or reinforcement

The following are some benefits of black wire:

  1. The use of stainless steel increases a structure’s resilience to moisture
  2. Reducing building tilt in the construction sector
  3. Increasing the concrete’s structural strength
  4. Increasing concrete’s tensile strength
  5. The capacity to transform concrete’s shape into a variety of unique shapes.
  6. Increasing the ability of buildings to withstand fire

The sale of reinforcement wire in Tehran

Reinforcing wire can be purchased in Tehran in a variety of types and diameters, depending on the needs of the buyer. Owners of various industries, such as molding and lace-making, can purchase all varieties of molding wire from us at competitive prices. Because of the excellent quality of our products, you may conveniently use them in various sectors. Black wire is available in Tehran both in person and online.

Black wire comes in a variety of types. Each of them has a name that reflects the use and characteristics of the individual. Wires are reinforced with thicknesses ranging from 1.2 to 1.7.

This sort of black wire, which weighs around 22 kg and has a thickness of 1.5 millimeters, is the most useful type available.


Black wire, often known as reinforcement wire, is one of the most extensively used materials in many industries, including construction. This product undergoes a process that makes it flexible and durable, and it is used in a variety of settings. Black wire’s cost is determined by a number of elements, including its thickness and length; the heavier the wire, the more expensive the wire. When compared to other market pricing, our products are reasonably priced if you’re looking to purchase black wire in Tehran.

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