What Exactly Is Gabion Wire Mesh?

Metal mesh is used to make gabion wire mesh. Its hexagonal form makes it very robust. Gabion mesh is often filled with materials such as pebbles, sand, or soil for a variety of applications. Erosion control is one of the most prevalent applications for gabion mesh. Gabions are accessible in galvanized,and PVC-coated forms in accordance with the surface preparation. Sim-tak.com provides gabion mesh in a variety of wire diameters to fulfill the diverse demands of our clients. Let’s go through some additional gabion mesh features now; why Choose Gabion Wire Mesh?

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Gabion advantage

List of Gabion Wire Mesh

Because of price fluctuations in the market, we put the products without their price. Please get in touch with us for quotations.

RowProductTurnsLengthWidth/HeightGalvanization typePrice
1gabion wire mesh 1.50 aperture 8*106201Hot dipcontact us
2gabion wire mesh 1.50 aperture 8*106201.20Hot dipcontact us
3gabion wire mesh 1.50 aperture 8*106201.50Hot dipcontact us
4gabion wire mesh 1.50 aperture 8*106201.8Hot dipcontact us
5gabion wire mesh 1.50 aperture 8*106202Hot dipcontact us
6gabion wire mesh 1.60 aperture 8*106201Hot dipcontact us
7gabion wire mesh 1.60 aperture 8*106201.20Hot dipcontact us
8gabion wire mesh 1.60 aperture 8*106201.5Hot dipcontact us
9gabion wire mesh 1.60 aperture 8*106201.8Hot dipcontact us
10gabion wire mesh 1.60 aperture 8*106202Hot dipcontact us
11gabion wire mesh 1.50 aperture 5*65201Hot dipcontact us
12gabion wire mesh 1.50 aperture 5*65201.20Hot dipcontact us
13gabion wire mesh 1.50 aperture 5*65201.5Hot dipcontact us
14gabion wire mesh 1.50 aperture 5*65201.8Hot dipcontact us
15gabion wire mesh 1.50 aperture 5*65202Hot dipcontact us
16gabion wire mesh 1.60 aperture 5*65201Hot dipcontact us
17gabion wire mesh 1.60 aperture 5*65201.20Hot dipcontact us
18gabion wire mesh 1.60 aperture 5*65201.5Hot dipcontact us
19gabion wire mesh 1.60 aperture 5*65201.8Hot dipcontact us
20gabion wire mesh 1.60 aperture 5*65202Hot dipcontact us
21gabion wire mesh 1.70 aperture 8*106201Hot dipcontact us
22gabion wire mesh 1.70 aperture 8*106201.20Hot dipcontact us
23gabion wire mesh 1.70 aperture 8*106201.50Hot dipcontact us
24gabion wire mesh 1.70 aperture 8*106201.80Hot dipcontact us
25gabion wire mesh 1.70 aperture 8*106202Hot dipcontact us
26gabion wire mesh 1.70 aperture 5*65201Hot dipcontact us
27gabion wire mesh 1.70 aperture 5*65201.20Hot dipcontact us
28gabion wire mesh 1.70 aperture 5*65201.50Hot dipcontact us
29gabion wire mesh 1.70 aperture 5*65201.80Hot dipcontact us
30gabion wire mesh 1.70 aperture 5*65202Hot dipcontact us
31gabion wire mesh 3 aperture 8*103401Hot dipcontact us
32gabion wire mesh 3 aperture 8*103401.5Hot dipcontact us
33gabion wire mesh 3 aperture 8*103402Hot dipcontact us
34gabion wire mesh 3 aperture 8*103402.5Hot dipcontact us
35gabion wire mesh 3 aperture 8*103303Hot dipcontact us
36gabion wire mesh 3 aperture 8*103303.5Hot dipcontact us
37gabion wire mesh 3 aperture 8*103304Hot dipcontact us

Gabion advantage

  1. Longevity

The metal wire is naturally robust and long-lasting. The gabion wire is galvanized to increase its durability and resistance against air corrosion.

  1. High Endurance

Gabion mesh provides enough strength. It resists floods, heavy rain, ice, and ground pressure. Even when exposed to significant blows, it keeps its form.

  1. Economic

A gabion basket is a cost-effective option. Its pricing is competitive with other metal mesh composites. Furthermore, since gabion mesh is simple to install, it will save costs.

  1. Transparency

Gabion mesh is ideal for automated and simple draining. It will not harm the development of plants and can effectively cleanse the river.

Gabion application

Gabion mesh is the preferred material for many projects, and the following are some of its most typical uses:

  • Controlling soil erosion;
  • Acting as a temporary flood wall;
  • Dam or foundation construction;
  • Retaining wall;
  • Rock fall avoidance;
  • Landscaping.

How is it possible to prevent gabions from bulging? (a suggestion for installers)

Walls up to three meters in height typically measure three millimeters thick. The standard thickness for buildings is 4 mm, while 5 mm is considered military standard or for usage on higher walls. A 4mm face can be added to walls under 3 meters if the installer is inexperienced, which will prevent the wall from bulging.

Choosing a wire’s diameter is not a simple process. A brace must be placed in the basket’s center before it can be filled. The face won’t swell as much if you do something to prevent it. The greater the height of the wall, the greater the force acting on the face. Make a windless with the red ties (seen in the diagram on the left) and a third of a full basket. Create a loop that spans the length of the basket, then use pliers to attach the two ends together. Instead of making your own braces, just buy a set and wear them. Use a flat, strong stone in this loop to create a tourniquet and cinch up the front. The stone can then be set on this fill, which will act as a stabilizing layer. It’s the same at the halfway point. Put the lids on, then secure them with the lacing wire. Don’t forget to join the rows above and below it.

Type of gabion mesh

  1. Gabion Mesh Galvanized

Galvanized mesh is used to make galvanized gabion mesh. After being hot-dip galvanized, the wire is braided into a corrosion-resistant gabion basket. Furthermore, galvanized gabion mesh does not rust readily and may be utilized in challenging environments. A decent-grade galvanized gabion mesh will last for many years.

  1. Gabion Wire Mesh with PVC Coating

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is an excellent material for making screens. It is resistant to temperature and humidity fluctuations. PVC coating provides superior protection against corrosion when contrasted with galvanized gabion mesh. PVC-coated gabion mesh is very durable. Furthermore, this mesh comes in a variety of colors and has a high decorative value. As a result, it will be costlier than other wire mesh materials.

Finally, both galvanized gabions and PVC-coated gabions are worthwhile investments. You may choose based on your actual use and budget. If you have any more queries, you may also consult with sim-tak.com.

  1. Gabion mattresses

 act as erosion barriers when utilized in this fashion. Because of their lower height, they are also called reno mattresses and are used in channel coating.

  1. Gabion Wire Mesh

 It is frequently used on roads and railways to stabilize slopes and guard against rock/stone falls. Welded mesh or wire mesh gabions are often used to stabilize embankments using geogrids.

  1. Gabion Walls

 Although stone-filled gabion walls are not new, they are growing more popular among architects and designers throughout the globe. They form a flexible, permeable, monolithic structure with a strong foundation and a pleasing appearance. Gabion walls are also very cost-effective since they do not need maintenance. In terms of structural integrity, gabion walls surpass concrete barriers and are a more cost-effective solution.

Standard Size Gabions

Afra Sim Tak Sadid has one of the greatest selections of gabions in the area. Twisted mesh gabions have traditionally been 3′, 4.5′, 6′, 9′, and 12′ in length; 3′ and 4.5′ in width; and 1′, 1.5′, and 3′ in height. While these are the most common dimensions, we can make custom-sized gabions using a standard mesh with our product line. This enables us to provide customized sizes while maintaining regular prices.

The process of producing and installing gabion

When being delivered to the building site, gabion baskets are folded to take up as little room as feasible. Baskets are unfolded, linked, and ready for placing after transportation.

The first row of gabion baskets is installed on a base composed of stone or concrete, according to the design specifications. The second row is positioned to move a particular distance from the outside border to the rear.

After the basket is finished, the area behind it is filled with suitable material up to the height of the top gabion row. Geotextile is used on the rear face to separate tiny particles from the gabion wall’s stone material. This ensures the water permeability and filtering system that minimizes washout.

Benefits of Smaller Mesh Size

Smaller mesh sizes provide several advantages. 

  1. It enables you to use smaller stones in your basket, reducing the chance of the contents intruding through the basket itself over time.
  2. The basket is tougher because there is more steel added to the basket’s stiffness.

When selecting your basket and related rock filling, keep these two critical aspects in mind. After all, you’re spending your time, and energy into your rock basket feature, so make something that will not only look great but will also survive for years!

The gabion mesh is less expensive when compared to other similar items with similar applications. This element has also increased its popularity and usage among customers.

The technical requirements of the gabion mesh, which we previously discussed, influence its pricing. As a result, the greater its weight, the higher its price will necessarily be.

Our group in iran is one of the best producers of gabion mesh, which exports these meshes to all European countries and around Iran, including Iraq and Syria, as shortest as possible.If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at sim-tak.com

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    • manager.kh says:

      Your welcome!
      Yes, Gabion walls are very strong and stable. This makes them especially suitable for resisting torrential force, flood forces, earth and ice pressure.

    • manager.kh says:

      Gabion walls are cheaper, much stronger, and quicker to erect than any other rock wall! In the event that a sample piece is used as the basis for the final design, no responsibility will be taken. The provided examples are meant simply as guides for potential costs.

    • manager.kh says:

      Gabion retaining walls typically do not require a concrete base. For most gabion barriers, a 2- to 4-inch layer of compacted 1-inch road base made from blue metal or basalt rock is all that is needed.

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