Various types of metal netting are applied in a wide range of places and people tend to purchase such a kind based on meterage according to what they need. Since there is a wide variety of netting types, you could purchase what you desire at a decent and reasonable price with acceptable quality via the website of Sim Tak. Nettings are made of highly resistant and durable metals and are valued based on meterage and thickness; the thicker the more durable.

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Netting Products of Sim Tak

What is metal netting?

A set of wires being woven in different shapes is called metal netting. These wires are normally, semi-thick, and thick. Nettings mesh and the wires tend to form a network of a multitude of rectangles, rhombuses, hexagons, and octagons. Due to the meshed shape, they are much lighter than metal sheets and easier to carry.

Such products are flexible enough to be used in building fences in different places. Nettings are of varied types, fences, poultry netting, gabion netting, honeycomb netting, and crimped wire mesh. These types are described in detail below.

Metal netting

Fence Netting

This type of netting is normally made of a rhombus-shaped network and is notably one of the strongest types available. The wires have a 2 to 3 millimeters thickness, and each rhombus-shaped segment of the network has a size of 5 to 8 centimeters. Fences are used in gardens and are easier to install. This type is an economical one compared to similar models. All types of nettings including fences are available on the website of Sim Tak.

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metal fence netting

Chicken wire

This kind of netting is made of extremely thin wires, whose thickness is between 0.7 to 1.2. This netting is strong and resistant to high pressure as well as notable flexibility. In other words, this is also called hexagon and octagon fire mesh because of the shape of the network`s segment. The wires are extracted from thin or thick metal sheets. Due to its usage in chicken cages over time, it has also become known as poultry netting. This type of netting is normally lighter than the others and because of its high flexibility, is also much easier to carry.

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Other Products of Sim Tak

Gabion Wire Mesh

Gabion netting is similar to poultry netting and honeycomb netting; however, there are some slight differences. Gabion netting is thicker than poultry netting, and the wires are woven three times instead of once. It can have several applications, particularly in fencing gardens and making decorative cairns surrounding the gardens. They can also be used in interior design. Higher thickness in this case has caused it to be more expensive than the other types. The mesh is made of high-quality stainless steel, and it has considerable durability. You can contact our personnel through the Sim Tak website for purchases.

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metal gabion wire mesh

Hexagonal Wire Mesh

Like the other types, this one also has meshed texture. It is also like gabion wire mesh and chicken wire, whose meshed shapes are hexagonal and octagonal. It can be referred to as a slightly thicker type, however, its thickness is placed between the thickness of gabion (which is thicker) and chicken wire (which is thinner). Hexagonal Wire Mesh is usually applied on construction sites specifically when buildings are under construction as a protective shield, mainly to eliminate the chance of damage in case of the collapse of materials. This type is also valued based on how thick and heavy it is as well as the factor of the metal`s quality used in the mesh.

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Metal Hexagonal Wire Mesh

The prices of metal nettings

these types are metal nettings are varied; particularly the above-mentioned products are made of durable and (corrosion) resistant metals and are valued according to thickness, quality, and volume. The higher the quality of the metal, the more expensive. Being purchased from a city other than your place of residence, the costs of logistic services will be added to the total price of the products; so, you should buy them from the nearest centers possible. The best choice suiting your needs and taste could be made by searching for our products, which are reasonably priced and of high quality.

Purchasing wire mesh products

Like other products, these items are also available on the website for online shopping. If you live in an area where there is no access to such products, you could visit the online shop by which you would have the products delivered within the shortest period possible. In case you need any of our offered wire mesh products, it is of rich diversity available on the Sim Tak website, which allows a safe and convenient purchase.

Finally, netting or wire mesh products generally possess distinctive characteristics and are multi-functional as well. They are used for fencing agricultural fields and gardens in addition to providing a place for birds specifically chickens. Acceptably high quality is their outstanding feature. The price tends to vary based on thickness and meterage. As mentioned above, the most convenient means of purchase is the online one. Sim Tak welcomes any kind of collaboration with the customers. Please share your comments and suggestions with us!

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