Galvanized Wire

Galvanized wire or the white wire is produced by galvanization of a black wire. The galvanization procedure transforms a black wire into a white one. This procedure causes the wire to be resistant to galling, carrion, and rusting. The galvanized wire that has done this procedure has a good quality and can be used in different circumstances. Galvanization procedure has two types, hot dip and cold dip types, which their products are used in various industries.

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List of galvanized wire products

Because of price fluctuations in the market, we put the products without their price. Please get in touch with us for quotations.

RowProductWire thicknessGalvanization typePrice
1galvanized wire 0.400.40Hot dipcontact us
2galvanized wire 0.500.50Hot dipcontact us
3galvanized wire 0.600.60Hot dipcontact us
4galvanized wire 0.700.70Hot dipcontact us
5galvanized wire 0.800.80Hot dipcontact us
6galvanized wire 0.900.90Hot dipcontact us
7galvanized wire 11Hot dipcontact us
8galvanized wire 1.201.20Hot dipcontact us
9galvanized wire 1.501.50Hot dipcontact us
10galvanized wire 1.601.60Hot dipcontact us
11galvanized wire 1.701.70Hot dipcontact us
12galvanized wire 1.801.80Hot dipcontact us
13galvanized wire 1.901.90Hot dipcontact us
14galvanized wire 22Hot dipcontact us
15galvanized wire 2.102.10Hot dipcontact us
16galvanized wire 2.202.20Hot dipcontact us
17galvanized wire 2.302.30Hot dipcontact us
18galvanized wire 2.402.40Hot dipcontact us
19galvanized wire 2.502.50Hot dipcontact us
20galvanized wire 2.602.60Hot dipcontact us
21galvanized wire 2.702.70Hot dipcontact us
22galvanized wire 2.802.80Hot dipcontact us
23galvanized wire 2.902.90Hot dipcontact us
24galvanized wire 33Hot dipcontact us
25galvanized wire 3.203.20Hot dipcontact us
26galvanized wire 3.503.50Hot dipcontact us
27galvanized wire 3.703.70Hot dipcontact us
28galvanized wire 44Hot dipcontact us
29galvanized wire 4.704.70Hot dipcontact us
30galvanized wire 55Hot dipcontact us

Galvanized rods in terms of production methods

Galvanized rods are metal rods that are coated with Zinc. This coat protects this wire against possible damage and also increases wire strength. Galvanized rods are usually flexible and easily bends and wrapped, specifically if they are hot dip type. The strength of this wire is very high against effects like rusting, acid, chemicals, humidity, corrosion, etc.

Generally, these rods are two types in terms of production methods which are:

  • Hot dip galvanization
  • Cold dip galvanization

Galvanized wire from Afra Sim Tak

Cold dip galvanized wire with the highest quality from Afra Sim-Tak.

Cold dip galvanized rods are created through an Electrolytic cold plating process. Coating this product is done by using electricity. Zinc coats are very thin compared to hot dip rods.

To make a cold dip galvanized rod, at first black wire is cleaned. Then the wire is oxidized, and a thin protecting layer of Zinc (Zn) is coated using the electrolyze method. For purchasing this rod, these features must be considered. Distinctive features of this product can be mentioned below:

  • High resistance against fragility and humidity
  • High flexibility
  • Anti-rust and corrosion

Before You Make a Purchase

Though Galvanized wire is of great use, there are some points that should be taken into account when making a purchase. It should be noted that since galvanized wires are thick, they can’t be painted. Thus if you mean to make a difference, you might need to choose from other types of wire.

There are plenty of usages for galvanized wire, and it is more durable than other types of wire such as PVC wire. It must be, however, taken into account that due to its great thickness there might be few domestic or better say, non-industrial uses for this product.

Galvanized wire is made of high-quality material, so it is natural for the price to be as high as the quality. Don’t sacrifice quality by buying cheaper items. Furthermore, if you plan to perform a lot of heavy-duty, don’t hesitate to choose galvanized wire.

galvanized wire

Purchasing hot dip galvanized wire with the most reasonable price in the market

In making a hot dip galvanized rod, a black wire is used. In this method, black rods are heated in special furnaces, reducing their carbon. This act increases the wire ‘s flexibility and penetrance. After this step, the black wire is floated in zinc lava, creating a deep and steady coat. Ultimately, a wire with a beautiful and stable look is made. The flexibility of this product is very high and has many uses in different industries. When purchasing this product, you must pay specific attention to the product you need. Among the products made with hot dip galvanized rods, the following can be mentioned below:

  • Types of metal mesh
  • Chicken mesh
  • Fence mesh
  • Gabion mesh
  • Barbed wire

Purchasing instructions for export galvanized wire

In this recent decades, the export of galvanized rods has prospered to countries such as Turkmenistan, Turkey, Iraq, etc. Export rods abroad have high sensibility; therefore, a few companies can receive tax declarations in Iran. Selecting an ostensible company for purchasing and exporting rods is essential; therefore, pay attention to choosing the provider company. Afra Sim Tak is a successful company with a colorful history of producing galvanized rods selling and exporting to other countries. 

Galvanized wire price

In Iran, the price of galvanized rods is not fixed for many reasons; therefore, a specific price cannot be determined. Generally, the price will also increase as the thickness of the rod’s Zinc coat increases. Hot dip galvanized wire (white) is more expensive because of more thickness and resistance than hard dip rods.

Affecting factors in the price of cold and hot dip galvanized rods

As you know, the wire is produced in different sizes and weights. One of the affecting factors of the wire’s price is its weight. The heaviness of the wire causes an increase in the rod’s price. The kind of used wire is also one of the affecting factors of rod’s price. As the wire becomes heavier and thicker, the cost, of course, will increase. One of the other factors in determining wire price is the quality of zinc and iron. Currently, some production factories produce their products according to customers’ orders with high-quality materials.

The general price of the wire is meager and efficient compared to other iron products; therefore, you can buy it in different parts of Iran with a relieved mind.

What is the Difference between Galvanized Wire and PVC wire?

According to what has been mentioned about galvanized wires, they are mainly made of iron and that is actually what makes them heavy and hard. PVC is not as heavy and thus can’t provide the same degree of protection. It is also used for several industrial purposes, especially in electrical wiring.

The last word

The galvanized rod, coated by cold and hot dip methods, has high resistance and won’t be damaged in different weather circumstances. Usually, this product is used in various industries. The thickness of the protective coat of the wire has very important in the price of the rod; as the thickness increases, usage and resistance will increase. If you intend to buy hot or cold dip galvanized rods, we suggest you pay attention to the selling centers.

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      Of course, it is! The only point you should take into account is that galvanized wire is not as light as chicken wire or hexagonal wire mesh. It’s heavier and naturally stronger, providing better protection.

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      The product is of great quality and is resistant to corrosion from salt water and no other similar product can provide this level of protection. However, the product may chip off with the time, which is not a big downside compared to its advantages.

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