Concertina Wire: Application and Installation

Barbed wire is an important product that is widely used in various structures for fencing and separating different areas and spaces. The concertina wire is a type of barbed wire that is made with a kind of high carbon galvanized spring wire. Barbed wires are mainly used in private properties for the purpose of providing security and safety, as well as in garrisons, military centers, and other buildings that are in need of protection and defense. Therefore, the right type of barbed wire should be purchased depending on the relevant application. If you intend to improve the security of your house, garden, or any other property, then you are advised to read this article to the end.

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What Is the Concertina Wire?

The concertina wire is a type of stretching barbed wire that is used for fencing around various properties. This type of barbed wire is made with stainless steel with a standard quality of 180 grams per square meter. The diameter of the main wire is 2.5 millimeters, while the diameter of each barb is 2 millimeters. Also, the diameter of each coil varies between 60 cm and 100 cm. the longer is your demarcation line, the bigger should be the diameter of your barbed wire in order to prevent overstretches. The concertina wire enjoys a high level of tensile strength and resistance and thus has a long life. It is also more efficient than other types of barbed wire. It is possible to use the concertina wires along with fencing.

The concertina wire is more expensive than other types of barbed wire. The size of concertina wire manufactured by Afra SimTak Sadid Group is as follows:

  • 60cm-diameter concertina wire which is suitable for covering areas as long as 8 meters;
  • 90cm-diameter concertina wire which is suitable for covering areas as long as 10 meters.
Concertina Wire installation


A kind of thick barbed wire with very limited applications known as the linear barbed wire was used for creating barriers in the past. After the World War One, German companies found out that they can manufacture barbed wires with higher efficiency if they use smaller and cheaper moulds for shaping steel. The early product manufactured through this method was named “concertina wire” and could be easily cut using special scissors. In 1980, the core of this type of barbed wire was strengthened with steel strands in order to increase its quality as well as the level of security that it provided.

How to Install the Concertina Wire

If you have chosen to install the concertina wire around your property, then you have made an excellent choice, because this type of barbed wire enjoys more advantages and provides a higher level of security in comparison with the other types. One of the best merits of the concertina wire is that it is easy to install. You just need to grab the handles attached to the first coil and stretch it along the bedrock where you plan to install it, whether it is a fence or a chain link.

Various Types of the Concertina Wire

The concertina wire is mainly divided into two general categories: razor wire and barbed wire. Each category has its own characteristics. You can use each category depending on your needs and the type of your property (whether it is a private property or a security one). Further details have been provided for each category below.

Concertina Razor Wire

Concertina Razor Wire

Also known as the laser wire and the razor blade wire, the concertina razor wire benefits from reinforcement wires and is very resistant to humid climates since it has undergone hot-dip galvanization. The blade-like structure of this type of wire prevents people or animals from breaking into the property over the wall. This product is extremely resistant to humidity and seasonal rains and does not erode when exposed to the temperature or direct sunlight. The concertina razor wire is widely used in garrisons, military centers, and other heavily protected areas. The diameter of this type of wire is 3 millimeters. This product is available on SimTak website in two models with 60cm-diameter and 90cm-diameter coils.

Concertina Barbed Wire

The barbed wire is another type of the concertina wire that is consisted of needle-like wires interwoven in one or two directions. The galvanized needle-like wires used in this type of wire are very sharp, preventing people from breaking into your property over the wall or the fence. The concertina barbed wire enjoys a 3-millimeter diameter and is widely used in military centers such as garrisons.

Advantages of the Concertina Wire

As mentioned before, the concertina wire enjoys more advantages than other types of barbed wire. These advantages include:

  • Provision of relatively higher levels of security compared with other types of barbed wire;
  • Higher resistance and strength;
  • Easy to displace and install;
  • Higher tensile strength;
  • Higher resistance to the elements of the climate and suitable for humid climates;
  • Suitable for properties that are surrounded by short walls and are easy to access.
Concertina Barbed Wire

Applications of the Concertina Wire

This type of barbed wire is used in:

  • Military areas (garrisons, military centers, and other protected areas);
  • Agricultural lands and cattle farms (especially the barbed type);
  • Demarcation of private gardens and villas;
  • Protection of unfinished structures;
  • Airports and areas that need to be protected with higher fences;
  • Factories and etc.

Pricing and Purchase of the Concertina Wire

The concertina wire plays a significant role in improving the security and protection of your private property. You should pay special attention to your needs and circumstances when purchasing this type of barbed wire so as not to make the wrong choice. In order to provide a higher level of security, it is better to use barbed wires that enjoy higher strength and quality. Low-quality barbed wires are less efficient and may become useless after a while. We suggest that you visit our online shop at to see the prices and specifications of various types of barbed wire. You can order the product that you need with the best quality and price from our website.


Protecting private properties is one of the main concerns of every individual these days. People use various instruments and tools to improve their own safety and peace of mind. The concertina wire is one of these tools. You can demarcate your private property and prevent other people from breaking into it by purchasing and installing this type of barbed wire.

Frequently Asked Questions

The price of the concertina wire depends on variable factors such as raw material prices and foreign currency fluctuations. Therefore, it is not possible to fix an exact price for this product. You can visit SimTak website for updated prices.

No, there is no legal ban on the use of the concertina wire in most countries. However, it is better to get detailed information on the relevant rules and regulation before installing this type of barbed wire so as not to get into trouble in this respect.  

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