Barbed Wire

Barbed wire is a type of steel wire used for protection that comes in many different types of linear and circular these days and has many use cases today. Using barbed wires for segmentation, restraining, or in military locations cannot be ignored. Stay tuned for more information so you can have the most cost-effective purchase from the Sim Tak collection.

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Sim Tak Barbed Wires

What is Barbed Wire?

Barbed wire has been produced since 1867 and has been able to meet the need of people ever since. Bared wires are produced from inexpensive twisted wires. The wires are made out of galvanized steel and are twisted together. They can protect the privacy of various locations due to the sharp barbs they have. The two types of barbed wires, circular and linear, also consist of different subcategories which we will go over in this article.


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Types of Linear Barbed Wire

Linear barbed wires are installed in a line and consist of two types of twist wire and welded razor wire. From a technical standpoint, the distance between the barbs or razors is 7-10cm. They’re produced and used in coils and usually weigh about 25kg.

Compared to traditional twist barbed wires, welded razor wires have a more modern structure and appearance. Galvanized sheets are used to produce these wires in coils weighing 20-25 kg. They usually have a thickness of 3mm.

This type of wire can be ideal and practical for fencing land. They can also be trusted to endure various environmental conditions so you can use them for a long time. These wires are flexible enough not to hurt and cause harm to wild animals which is one of the advantages of linear barbed wires.


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Types of Circular Barbed Wire

This type of wire is produced in a circular shape and has two types of welded razor and traditional twist which have gained popularity nowadays. The main wire in traditional twist barbed wires has a thickness of 2mm, 2.5mm, or 3mm, and the barbs can reach 2mm or 2.5mm in length. These wires are shaped like circles with a diameter of 60cm or 90cm. The razor wires also have high-quality razors and include a main wire with razors welded on it. Razor wires are also known as Israeli barbed wire in Iran. These wires are highly durable as they are resistant to being cut, rust, and corrosion.

Currently, this type is produced and sold in two types of domestic and Chinese production, and they come in 60cm and 90cm sizes. To install them, you should choose a base first and mount a strong fastener on the base. This type of barbed wire is commonly used in military bases and barracks due to its excellent resistance and durability.

List of Circular Barbed Wire Products

  • Welded Razor Circular Barbed Wire
  • Traditional Twist Circular Barbed Wire

Characteristics of Barbed Wires

Any product can have good sales when it can have many useful and practical features. When it comes you purchasing barbed wires, you should pay attention to their characteristics. Being stainless and resistant to rust is the first and most important feature barbed wire can have. This is to ensure it can stay durable in various kinds of weather and is usable for a long time.

Barbed wires are produced rapidly and even their installation does not need a considerable amount of time or effort. Barbed wires are produced in various types and all of them are sold at a reasonable price, hence, they’re commonly used in many places.

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Uses of Barbed Wires

One of the most important uses of barbed wire is to prevent escape. They also play an important role in preventing animals from entering areas. Barbed wires can also be used for segmentation and division and their military use cases cannot be ignored either.

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Buying Various Types of Barbed Wires

Considering the application and characteristics of various types of barbed wires, it is better to pay attention to their type when you want to purchase barbed wires. Additionally, pay extra attention to the production quality as some sellers may sell barbed wires at a much lower price than expected, but after a while, you have to buy again because of the poor quality of their product. The quality of the barbed wire is no small matter and only high-quality products can last for a long time. Sim Tak is one of the reliable and long-standing sellers that offers you top-quality products at the lowest price.

Final Words

You can have a smart and affordable purchase by learning about different types of barbed wire. Reasonable price and high quality are two important criteria when buying these steel wires. The cost-effectiveness of barbed wires is only revealed in time as high-quality wires can last a long time with no issues such as rust or lack of durability and strength. For more information, contact our experts at Sim Tak.