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One of the most important issues That people care about is the security and safety which can be provided by fence netting. Humans had different ways to provide security during the history. Net fence is one of the ways which is being newly used. Follow us to know more about this product and different types of it.

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List of fence netting products

The products are added without their piece because of price variations. Please contact us in order to find out the prices.

RowProductLengthWidthGalvanization typePrice
1fence netting 2.20 aperture 5.5152.5Hot dipcontact us
2fence netting 2.20 aperture 5.5152Hot dipcontact us
3fence netting 2.20 aperture 5.5151.5Hot dipcontact us
4fence netting 2.20 aperture 5.5151.20Hot dipcontact us
5fence netting 2.20 aperture 6.5152.5Hot dipcontact us
6fence netting 2.20 aperture 6.5152Hot dipcontact us
7fence netting 2.20 aperture 6.5151.5Hot dipcontact us
8fence netting 2.20 aperture 6.5151.20Hot dipcontact us
9fence netting 2.20 aperture 7.5152.5Hot dipcontact us
10fence netting 2.20 aperture 7.5152Hot dipcontact us
11fence netting 2.20 aperture 7.5151.5Hot dipcontact us
12fence netting 2.20 aperture 7.5151.20Hot dipcontact us
13fence netting 2.20 aperture 8.5152.5Hot dipcontact us
14fence netting 2.20 aperture 8.5202Hot dipcontact us
15fence netting 2.40 aperture 5.5152.5Hot dipcontact us
16fence netting 2.40 aperture 5.5152Hot dipcontact us
17fence netting 2.40 aperture 5.5151.5Hot dipcontact us
18fence netting 2.40 aperture 5.5151.20Hot dipcontact us
19fence netting 2.40 aperture 6.5152.5Hot dipcontact us
20fence netting 2.40 aperture 6.5152Hot dipcontact us
21fence netting 2.40 aperture 6.5151.5Hot dipcontact us
22fence netting 2.40 aperture 6.5151.20Hot dipcontact us
23fence netting 2.40 aperture 7.5152.5Hot dipcontact us
24fence netting 2.40 aperture 7.5152Hot dipcontact us
25fence netting 2.40 aperture 7.5151.5Hot dipcontact us
26fence netting 2.40 aperture 7.5151.20Hot dipcontact us
27fence netting 2.20 aperture 8.5201.5Hot dipcontact us
28fence netting 2.20 aperture 8.5201.20Hot dipcontact us
29fence netting 2.40 aperture 8.5152.5Hot dipcontact us
30fence netting 2.40 aperture 8.5152Hot dipcontact us
31fence netting 2.40 aperture 8.5151.5Hot dipcontact us
32fence netting 2.40 aperture 8.5151.20Hot dipcontact us
33fence netting 2.80 aperture 5.5102.5Hot dipcontact us
34fence netting 2.80 aperture 5.5102Hot dipcontact us
35fence netting 2.80 aperture 5.5101.5Hot dipcontact us
36fence netting 2.80 aperture 5.5101.20Hot dipcontact us
37fence netting 2.80 aperture 6.5102.5Hot dipcontact us
38fence netting 2.80 aperture 6.5102Hot dipcontact us
39fence netting 2.80 aperture 6.5101.5Hot dipcontact us
40fence netting 2.80 aperture 6.5101.20Hot dipcontact us
41fence netting 2.80 aperture 7.5102.5Hot dipcontact us
42fence netting 2.80 aperture 7.5102Hot dipcontact us
43fence netting 2.80 aperture 7.5101.5Hot dipcontact us
44fence netting 2.80 aperture 7.5101.20Hot dipcontact us
45fence netting 2.80 aperture 8.5102.5Hot dipcontact us
46fence netting 2.80 aperture 8.5102Hot dipcontact us
47fence netting 2.80 aperture 8.5101.5Hot dipcontact us
48fence netting 2.80 aperture 8.5101.20Hot dipcontact us
49fence netting 3 aperture 5.5102.5Hot dipcontact us
50fence netting 3 aperture 5.5102Hot dipcontact us
51fence netting 3 aperture 5.5101.5Hot dipcontact us
52fence netting 3 aperture 5.5101.20Hot dipcontact us
53fence netting 3 aperture 6.5102.5Hot dipcontact us
54fence netting 3 aperture 6.5102Hot dipcontact us
55fence netting 3 aperture 6.5101.5Hot dipcontact us
56fence netting 3 aperture 6.5101.20Hot dipcontact us
57fence netting 3 aperture 7.5102.5Hot dipcontact us
58fence netting 3 aperture 7.5102Hot dipcontact us
59fence netting 3 aperture 7.5101.5Hot dipcontact us
60fence netting 3 aperture 7.5101.20Hot dipcontact us
61fence netting 3 aperture 8.5102.5Hot dipcontact us
62fence netting 3 aperture 8.5102Hot dipcontact us
63fence netting 3 aperture 8.5101.5Hot dipcontact us
64fence netting 3 aperture 8.5101.20Hot dipcontact us

Note: prices of based on square meters and sell units are based on roll counts.

Video of the production line of fence netting in Sim Tak

Different Types of Fence Netting

Net fences usually have different types and qualities. Each kind, has specific features and prices. Before purchase, its better if you get to know about them and chose the best based on your need.

Steel Fence Netting

Steel fence nettings have higher resistance because of the resistance of steel. This is the best choice for humid regions. Because, its highly stainless. Steel fence has a long lifetime; approximately 15-20 years.

Galvanized Fence Netting

One of the fences that is frequently used, is the galvanized type which is resistant against corrosion and decay. It has a higher price than other products because of the high resistance. One the advantages of galvanized fence is the ideal view. This product is used the most in areas with inappropriate weather.

Galvanized Fence Covered With PVC

This is also one of best and most popular types of fence netting. It is adapted well with different weather situations and is highly resistant. It has a higher price than other fence netting products.

What is the use of fence netting?

Fence netting goes with different names such as; fence, barrier and chain link fence. This tool is mostly used to upgrade security and create borders. Previously, these fences had low quality; thus, weren’t frequently used. Nowadays, thanks to galvanized ingredients, its resistance has been increased and is replaced with older products. Some the advantages of fence netting are: high resistance, stainlessness, anti-decay and long lifetime. Thanks to this products u can easily fence any specific area.

Some of the most important uses of this product are:

  1. fencing around the playgrounds, villa walls, gardens and farms.
  2. fencing top of the walls with barbed wire.
  3. fencing special or protected areas.
  4. using in military regions.
Net fence

Features of Fence Netting

It’s better if you get familiar with use, types and features of the product before buying it. Also notice that u select the best one according to your needs and the price u can afford. So, you can be provided with security that u can afford. This product has four main features related to the price and the security it comes with. We’re going to explain these features.

  1. Texture: Currently, you can buy fence netting made by: steel, galvanized steel, dark steel, etc.
  2. Height: Fence netting is usually between 50 cm to 3 meters. Costumers can order by the height of their need.
  3. Netting aperture dimensions: It’s often in aperture of 4,5,6 and 7. Generally, the smaller the aperture is, the heavier and more expensive it will be. With smaller apertures, the fence will be harder thus, it will provide higher level of security.
  4. Wire Diameter: fence netting has diameters of 2.2 to 4 mm. clearly, the more the diameter is, the heaver and more resistant it becomes. Also, the Diameter has effective impact on security level and strength. The Majority of security places use fence nettings with larger diameter.

Installing Fence Netting

The Installation has some levels. Read these notes carefully so you can do it perfectly.

  1. First, you should dig holes with the depth of 30 to 40 cm. theses holes should be about 3 meters apart of each other.
  2. Then, put the bottom of the fences in those holes, and fill them with mortar of sand, grit or cement. The footings of the fences are usually made of iron, and are shaped like pipe or angles.
  3. After the footings, its time for fence nettings to be installed. Now you should open the fences and attach them to the footings by wire. Notice that the fences should be attached tight enough so after installation they won’t be lowering.
net fence

Tips to Pay Attention to

Since fence netting is considered a way of preventing pests or even birds from destroying crops. It also works as a kind of protection against strong winds. The idea of protection can even go further, and you can use fence netting for determining the boundaries of two separate gardens. 

If you plan to replace or repair the fence, it will be of great preference to keep the old fence posts in place, unless it will cost at the loss of lichens’ habitat. You should perform the installation carefully so that the result will a tight fence with good protection. 

The important tip that acts like the most important one, is trying to prevent any contact between the netting and the ground. In order to do so, the grounding rod should be deep enough and there should be enough lateral tension to the posts before thrusting the post into the ground. 

Mesh Size Matters!

Fence netting is normally done to improve protection. The point you shouldn’t miss, however, is the number of holes every square inch or the mesh size. As the size number increases, the number of holes decreases which means a higher level of protection in higher sizes due to the fewer holes.

Is Fence Netting portable?

As a great upside of fence netting, one can mention portability. The mesh consists of vertical plastic strings which are connected to electrifiable strings. Wire mesh products can be in plain, lock crimp, and intercrimp forms. 

Fence Netting Price

The price of this product depends of different factors. The price is usually calculated in square meters. Some of the effective factors are: texture, aperture size, diameter and the size of the whole product. In order to save more money, figure out the situation of your area completely and then buy a suitable fence.


Fence netting is one of the important and useful tools that is used to divide places apart. This product is used to provide security, too. As it is mentioned, it is produced in deferent types, which have they’re own features and prices. If you’re looking forward to buy this product from a trusted source with the best prices, we put forward Sim Tak store. In this shop u can have different types of netting wire and barbed wire in any measures:


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