Hexagonal Wire Mesh & Its Most Important Installation Aspects

Hexagonal wire mesh is a product that is made of galvanized wire and has several applications. Another name for these wires is baby gabion. Although these meshes have light weights, they have incredibly high strength, and their applications are mostly taken into consideration in the enclosure of the considered area. These wires reassure the security of the district. If you intend to purchase this product, you will gain useful information from reading this article because we want to offer information about this wire and its most important installation aspects; so don’t miss this article and stay with us until the end.

Hexagonal wire mesh product list

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RowProductLengthHeightGalvanization typePrice
1Hexagonal Wire Mesh 0.90201.20Cold Galvanizingcontact us
2Hexagonal Wire Mesh 0.90201.50Cold Galvanizingcontact us
3Hexagonal Wire Mesh 0.90201.80Cold Galvanizingcontact us

What Is Hexagonal Wire Mesh?

Hexagonal wire mesh indicates wires that are subsets of chicken wires and gabions, but they are different in some ways. These wires are made in the form of rolls and hence, their transportation is easy. This product is manufactured using cold-rolled and hot-rolled galvanization methods. Wires manufactured in our country are usually manufactured by the hot-rolled galvanization method, whereas the wires mostly imported from China are manufactured by the cold-rolled galvanizing method. This wire is in a 1.5-inch and 2-inch aperture and is manufactured in various sizes and shapes. It is supplied in the market for public usage.

Hexagonal Wire Mesh Characteristics

This wire is manufactured either in rolls or arches, for which each roll or arch is approximately 20 meters and people could purchase one arch or several arches considering their needs and application. This product is seen in various widths on the market. The widths are 120, 150, or 180 centimeters. Lightweight and high resistance could also be pointed out as another characteristic of this product. This product is applicable in various weather conditions, it is humid-resistant, and has big and small apertures which you could easily choose either one considering your need.

The apertures of the wire are hexagonal and considering the fact that they are manufactured in two types of 1.5-inch and 2-inch, they vary in size of the apertures. 1 and 1.5-inch apertures are known as 4 centimeters apertures and 2 inches apertures are also called 5 centimeters apertures. In regards to the fact that the smaller the wire aperture, the greater the width, the more sheets are used, and therefore, the price increases.

Different types of Hexagonal Wire Mesh

Use of Hexagonal Wire Mesh Review

Due to the high resistance and consistency of hexagonal wire mesh and because of its appearance, it has vast applications. These applications are listed below, which include:

  • These wires could be used in animal husbandry and agriculture industry, enclosing areas, animals, and crofts because these wires have apertures that prevent the invasion of vermin on the other hand the air flows properly in the area and if the area faces the danger of catching fire, the water could easily go through the web and the fire could be put out without facing any difficulty.
  • These wires are used in construction and for enclosure in different cases such as buildings, towers, terminals, sports areas, airports, etcetera. They are also useful for the roof of sheds, around the pillars, and as a protection against the fall of things, building materials, etcetera.
  • These wires are used in shed construction and building construction and for roof insulation.
  • These wires are used in the construction of walls especially walls that must not be destructed soon and are required to be consistent.

What Are the Most Important Installation Aspects of Hexagonal Wire Mesh?

Hexagonal wire mesh could be used in different industries. These wires could also be helpful for use in the building exterior without scaffolding, enclosing the backyard, patio, and skylight, for making statues and situations as such. For the installation, first, the site must be inspected by the installer, the vastness and size of the mentioned space be specified and the amount and price of the needed wires be estimated. Calculation of the price depends on various factors, one of which is the size of the apertures. Ergo the smaller the aperture, the more wire is required.

Another factor is the weight which indicates that the more wire is used in the mesh, the heavier the product and this has an impact on the price increase. Because this product has better quality and more lifespan, it is more expensive than the other products. After the required mesh and amount of it is specified, in the next level the expert installer installs the mesh.

What Are the Pros of Hexagonal Wire Mesh?

Hexagonal wire mesh has several pros which are listed below as follows:

  • This mesh has high resistance and consistency; hence, it is used for constructing buildings, pillars, etcetera.
  • The mentioned mesh benefits from outstanding beauty; for this reason, it could be used in different fields and it has vast applications in various industries.
  • This product varies in the size of the apertures and each one of these meshes with apertures different in size has different applications and the more the weight, the higher the price.
  • The mesh is made of stainless steel; therefore, it is resistant to humidity and corrosion and does not rust, because of that it is applicable in highly humid areas.

Why is Hexagonal Wire Mesh a Good Choice?

The first reason is its lightweight, which in comparison to other types of protection wire, is preferable. Secondly, the use of steel as the main material, makes the equipment resistant to corrosion. Finally,  convenient installation procedures and affordable cost result in the wide acceptance of hexagonal wire mesh as a nifty tool.

Hexagonal wire mesh is the preferable tool for different purposes like fencing. It can’t be easily torn or collapsed, because it is formed by woven hexagonal wires which are then twisted and turned to make the whole piece.

hexagonal wire netting

Some Extra Notes about Hexagonal Wire

Hexagonal wire mesh is mainly made of holes that are of the same size. Since it is going to be used in the open air, stainless can be the best choice in terms of strength and durability. Hexagonal wire mesh is thus made of 310 stainless steel which is low in carbon. The equipment is finally supplied in two different finishes of galvanized and PVC cover.


Hexagonal wire mesh is one of the very useful meshes these days which has vast applications in the animal husbandry industry, agricultural industry, construction industry, etcetera. If you are willing to buy this mesh, you could visit the Sim Tak website and after being informed about the updated price of this product, you could purchase it at a very reasonable price. To purchase this product online, you can visit this website via your smartphone or any other internet-connected device and order it. For more information, contact us.

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      As mentioned, the product is made of stainless steel which naturally provides it with good resistance against moisture and corrosion. Besides, there are two strong surface treatments (Galvanized and PVC coated) that make the hexagonal wire mesh a good choice for all weather conditions.

    • manager.kh says:

      Upon making a purchase, pay close attention to the order of the cells and in case the order looks plain and well- organized you can be sure about the production procedure.

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