The purchase of chicken wire

Chicken netting or chicken wire is a very resistant product that is broadly used today. Supplied and produced by many companies, it has numerous usages in construction, building columns, roof waterproofing, plastering, etc. This reasonable product raises the building’s strength, particularly its columns. You can purchase this type of wire fence from us at an affordable expense. Here, we will provide you with a number of tips related to chicken wire. Stay with us!

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Production and types

Chicken wires are produced both automatically and manually. In the automatic method, the wires get placed in a special machine and then coated. Then they enter the weaving phase and twist together. Finally, they turn rhombus-shaped and their end and beginning get tight by an automatic coil.  In the manual method, the job has to be done by at least two people. They do all the above steps and a galvanized wire is wrapped as a mold. The two ends get fixed with a screwdriver. Chicken netting is sold in a roll.

There are some different types of chicken wire. They are produced and sold in cold and hot galvanized. The hot type has higher quality than cold galvanized netting. Hot galvanized chicken wire is far more resistant to moisture than the cold type.

Installing the chicken wire

Professionals must do the installation of chicken wires. It is sometimes necessary to install chicken wire at a height. It has to be done by metal scaffolding and rope. You should get help from an experienced and skilled person. They can do the job fast and accurately. Installing chicken wires requires enough experience, otherwise, there would happen serious problems during and after the installation. Generally, the installation of chicken wire in bird cages, gardens, and farms is fairly easier than in construction.

Galvanized Chicken wire

Why Is Chicken Wire Widely Used?

As the thinnest and lightest type of wire net is supplied in different thickness degrees. They were first built in an imitation of what industrial knitting machines produced and were mainly used during the World War, so as to protect the Radars against explosions. Soon, the Chicken wire became a popular piece of equipment that was widely used. The main features that made chicken wire welcome are as follows:

  • It is light and can be easily transferred from place to place.
  • It has a reasonable price and provides suitable protection.
  • It is strong enough to depend on.
  • It is resistant to corrosion and rust.
  • It’s easy to install but not easy to be torn by hand.

Due to these reasons, the chicken wire has become a staple of gardens and farms where there needs to be an affordable piece of equipment to protect plants and domestic animals. Though there might be other choices for the same purpose, chicken wire is chosen more often since it is affordable and can be repaired in case of damage in some parts. As already mentioned, the chicken wire comes in both cold and hot galvanized types, but the latter is preferable.

Applications of chicken wire

Chicken wires are extensively used in construction, e.g. in roof construction in different buildings. They are also used for protection instead of a fence in the fields and gardens. Moreover, chicken nettings are used widely to make different kinds of cages and strengthen buildings’ plastering. Chicken net is suitable for protecting balconies and reinforcing building columns. In addition, they can be also used to prevent animals and birds from entering the building. Furthermore, they are so useful to protect roof waterproofing from the possible damages.

Advantages and disadvantages

High resistance to corrosion and rust is a considerable advantage of chicken wires. In addition, they have reasonable price and are easy to install. Furthermore, they are lightweight and easy to move with great flexibility. Finally, chicken wires are so beneficial for keeping birds and plants with appropriate ventilation.

Chicken netting has very few disadvantages compared to its advantages that can be ignored.

Where to buy chicken wire?

To buy high-quality chicken wire, you should consider some factors. First of all, it should be standard, meaning that the weight and dimensions of the chicken wire should be printed on the label. Furthermore, it is so important that the size of the mesh is the same in the whole role. In addition, the rolls of chicken netting should be vacuumed with nylon. Finally, there should not be any tear in the role and its dimension should be cut according to your need.

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Chicken wire types

The expense of chicken wire

The price of chicken nettings varies depending on their production process and the type of raw materials. Choosing a credible company could also have a great influence on the price. For your purchase, if you choose a credible store that buys chicken wire directly from the company, it would have a lower cost. The number of dealers has a great effect on the expense of chicken wire.

Final word

As mentioned earlier, chicken wire is widely used for different applications such as fencing and construction. Different companies are now producing this product, so it has different qualities and different prices. If you intend to purchase high-quality chicken netting at a reasonable price, have a look at our sales page. We have put all types of chicken nets on our site with detailed specifications. You can meet your needs and buy this product correctly when you learn about it enough. For more detailed information, contact us. Our experts, with several years of experience behind them, will provide the necessary information about the types of chicken wires and their uses for you. If you have any comments or suggestions, share them with us on this page.

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