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Sim Tak, the largest wire exporter to the environ countries

Sim Tak, the largest wire exporter to the environ countries

A wire is one of the most applicable alloys for constructing various tools and equipment. Machinery made of wires is called wire products. Wire products have different examples and applications. Sim Tak Company has been founded in the year 1377 to meet industrial, structural, and social service needs and has been able to provide people with various types of wire products.

Hot galvanized wire in forms of coil and branch, various types of black annealed wire, reinforcement wire, metal lath, and scope wire, different types of cold galvanized wire in various sizes, and also the production of different types of fence nettings (fences), gabion wires and various types of grand gabions for usage in civil and construction operations, different types of galvanized linear barbed wire and galvanized circular barbed wire, are all products of three sets of this company which have many fans in the international markets.

Wire products are used in various constructions and industries. French net, welded net, fence net, pressed net, gabion net, fence-based welded net, chicken net, wire mesh, and diamond mesh are examples of the most important products of these wire products. Each one of the products above could be used in different sections.

In the construction and civil projects section, they are used for the constitution, consolidation, and accurate implementation system in the deep excavation that is used for the stability maintenance of the well and creating a conserved area.

Acquaintance with various wire products

Wire products consist of high resistance. Wire products have the ability to high pressures and could easily tolerate high pressures. These products have a high permanence and sustenance and could live up to or even more than 50 years in an ideal situation. The unique characteristic of these products is their high flexibility, which results in the good shape of these products. These characteristics are the reason for manufacturing and selling wire products in different samples.  As mentioned before, these products have various applications.

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Sim Tak, the largest wire exporter to the environ countries

( Products of Sim Tak: Fence netting   Reinforcement wire  |  Chicken wire )

Types of wire products

In the industry, wire products could be divided into two groups:

Galvanized wire

In galvanized wire, a covering of zinc is rolled around the wire by electrolyze. This technique protects the wire from corrosion and decay against humidity. Galvanized wire has wide applications in different industries such as agriculture and horticulture, industrial nets and etcetera. Galvanized wire has two types: hot and cold. The hot galvanized wire consists of more zinc metal in comparison to the cold type which leads to more resistance against humidity and corrosion.

Black wire

The black wire is made from the elongation and heating of the rebar. The most important characteristic of black wire is its high flexibility. Black wire has many applications in different industries such as reinforcements, insulation, and agriculture.

Welded net

Welded net is one of the wire products which is also known as welded mesh and is makeable salable in the forms of sheets or rolls. Welded net has many applications in the building industry and it is also called industrial mesh or construction mesh. Welded net could be made in dimensions of 2 millimeters to 8 millimeters in cubical coils from 50*50 to 300*300 millimeters depending on the customer’s will. The usage of the welded net is determined based on the diameter of the wire and the dimensions of the coil. The price of the welded net is low and it is easy to use. Therefore, this wire product is applicable in industries such as metallurgy, agriculture and animal husbandry, civil and building construction, road construction, textile, fruit and dried goods sorting, etcetera.

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Sim Tak, the largest wire exporter to the environ countries

( Buying Barbed wire from Sim Tak: Linear barbed wire  |  Concertina wire )

Fencing net

Fencing net is another one of the wire products that is used in modern life for the protection and division of private and agricultural properties. Fencing net that is also known as fencing, has many applications as such are listed below:

  • The cheapest way to protect and security of private properties, farms, and gardens.
  • Used for fencing around gardens, farms, sports fields, military fields, industrial fields, and even zoos.
  • Prevention from falling substances and people because of high resistance
  • A fencing net is also used as a fence around railroad tracks, trains, and planes.

Pressed nets

Pressed nets are one of the most useful industrial nets which are designed and produced in shapes of lattice and wavy. These nets are squares and rectangles and the wire’s diameter is usually between 2 to 5 millimeters. This type of wire is made of iron and steel. After the hot phase, the pressed net enters the elongation and cold phase and turns into wire.

Wavy nets, Polish nets, and woven nets are types of nets. The main application of this net or fence is confining fields and making cages for animals and birds.

Gabion nets

Gabion net is another example of a wire product that is produced in 1 to 3 meters in width and 40 to 50 meters in length. Gabion net is used for long-term protection of surface soil and as a revetment. This gabion net is used in steep districts and areas with erosion.

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Sim Tak, the largest wire exporter to the environ countries

( Other products of Sim Tak: Gabion Wire Mesh )


Newel is a tool used for holding any net tightly. Newel is used to support gabion nets, fencing nets, and barbed wires. These newels are used for fencing gardens, farms, villas, military fields, or sports fields so the fences are put in meticulously and rigidly.

One of the matters that should be taken into consideration is height. For a fence, without barbed wire, the height is 2.5 meters half of which is put on the ground. Another point is installing the newel. The net wire is one of the best wire products and has a net structure in which horizontal and vertical steels are put on top of each other and welded together. This product has various types including plastic nets, iron nets, and galvanized nets.

The most important application of net wire is in panel structure and usage relating to petrochemical industries, stadium substructures, etcetera.

Final words

Afra Sim Tak Sadid Company is composed of three factories and is able to produce considerable amounts of electronic products and also building products such as wires and galvanized sheets it could be said that it has a considerable portion in domestic and international markets. We are ready to receive your orders at Sim Tak Company.

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